Barre Town Male Sentenced for Medicaid Scams, Overlook

Vermont Business Magazine Attorney General Thomas J Donovan revealed Wednesday that Cody LaFountain, age 34, of Barre Town, Vermont, was sentenced to 50 months to 15 years imprisonment on September 26, 2017, in Vermont Superior Court for Washington County on one felony count of Neglect of a Vulnerable Adult with Serious Bodily Injury/Death resulting, one count of Medicaid Fraud, one misdemeanor count of False Pretenses, one misdemeanor count of Neglect of a Vulnerable Adult, and one count of False Information to Law Enforcement. LaFountain had formerly gotten in a nolo contendere plea on the felony charge of Neglect of a Vulnerable Adult with Serious Bodily Injury, and guilty pleas on the staying rely on May 26, 2017.

LaFountain was the shared living company for the handicapped grownup through a program handled by the Community Access Program of Rutland Mental Health Services. LaFountain cannot offer correct guidance to the handicapped individual, who experienced spastic paralysis and was non-verbal, by leaving the individual in the home ignored although care strategies needed 24-hour guidance and cannot get appropriate medical treatment for injuries suffered by the individual. While under LaFountain’s guidance, the individual suffered severe physical injuries on November 1, 2014, for which no health care was supplied, and died on November 2, 2014, in LaFountain’s home.

As an outcome of LaFountain’s failure to supply appropriate care to the handicapped grownup under the regards to shared living service provider agreement, Mr. LaFountain devoted Medicaid Fraud by looking for and getting payments of Medicaid funds under the shared living service provider program on

LaFountain also pled guilty to taking part in a plan with his sis, to send claims for offering care to the handicapped grownup under the Developmental Services Medicaid Waiver Program, when the care was not really supplied. According to files submitted to the Court and the admissions of the celebrations, LaFountain sent timesheets to the Medicaid program in his sis’s name for times she was working for a different company. LaFountain’s sis would cash the checks from the Medicaid payment firm and offer money to LaFountain associated to the inappropriate claims.

LaFountain also pled guilty to Providing False Information to Law Enforcement associated to incorrect declarations made to Barre Town Police and Vermont State Police throughout the preliminary phases of the examination right away after the death of the handicapped grownup. LaFountain made incorrect declarations, associated with occasions in the hours right away preceding the death of the susceptible grownup, to detectives, in addition to causing another individual to offer an incorrect declaration.

Attorney general of the United States Donovan stated, “This collective multi-firm effort shows Vermont’s dedication to safeguarding the most susceptible. This sentence sends out the best message to those that victimize Vermont’s handicapped.”.

The charges came from a joint examination by the Vermont Attorney General’s Office, Medicaid Fraud & Residential Abuse Unit, Vermont Department of Aging and Independent Living, Adult Protective Services Unit, Barre Town Police Department, and Vermont State Police. The Medicaid Fraud & Residential Abuse Unit examines and prosecutes criminal activities including Medicaid scams and/or abuse or disregard of susceptible grownups.